FurCats – A Shop. For Cats. Day 74

***Written on Sunday 17th September 2017***

Christmas has come early.

Topping Up My Vit D

We’re in September. It’s autumn outside – although admittedly, it’s been autumn all year round! But, the sun’s out at the minute and it feels glorious!

This is what a real summer would have felt like! It’s a Sunday – a day of rest. And yet, Chorlton seems busy today and there’s a sunny vibe; t-shirts, caps, (despite some folk with their coats on). Music blaring out of cars, windows wound down. There are a few people sporting Ray Bans and dads pushing prams topping up their Vitamin D. Chorlton is colourful today and it’s feeling good.

Saturday was a busy day and already people seem to be Christmas shopping! I had a few in last week crossing people off their Christmas gift list! “Do you think my mum would like this?” Already?! I know I wrote about fluidity of time a bit ago, but this is happening quicker than I’d expected. I guess it will just happen. One of my customers pointed out we’re 15 Mondays away from Christmas. I had to check. She was right. Gulp!

I never knew the countdown to Christmas would start so early! Already some of the shopkeepers on my strip are talking about preparing window displays. One of them has been tszujing up some wooden lettering used for a previous one! I thought thinking ahead to Halloween was pretty impressive. Nope – not impressive at all apparently – think I was supposed to have done that a couple of months ago! Double gulp!!

But I’ve still got my other head on – the one who anticipates the next mock, or the next essay, or the next set of books, or the next holiday. Christmas, at this time of year, is ludicrous a thought; it’s still in the distance, as it were. It’s not the next event; certainly not round the corner! It all seems too premature!

I didn’t expect to be thinking so far ahead. I was never a great planner; I was always in that queue at school, getting some last minute photocopying done, accompanied by a desperate plea. There was a sign up in the Print Room that read: “A lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine.” It was on an A6 piece of card, stuck on the left hand side of the room as you went in. Although (thankfully) no one pointed it out to me, I often ended up reading it. Whilst I was waiting. A bit like locking eyes with someone you’re trying to avoid.

Need To Be Ready For It!

Whether I embrace it or not, it’s happening! I need to pull my finger out! I need to think and feel Christmas before I miss the prep work that goes into it! I need to think about Christmas opening times and themed gifts and food, as well as Christmas stockings for FurBabies and stocking fillers for ailurophiles.

I’m going to get ready for this one – that sign might have a bit more prominence in this world!





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