FurCats – A Shop. For Cats. Day 62

It Might As Well Rain Until September.  (And Boy, It Totally Did)!

Story Time

Mrs Wright, my primary school teacher, sat us down on a hard wooden floor and read Aesop’s Fable of the ‘North Wind and the Sun’ to us. I think I was about 6 years old and it was Story Time. It’s the one where the Sun challenges the Wind to make a passing traveller take off his coat. Of course, the Sun wins. But the fable explores the power of manipulation. It comes about because the sun is, for want of a better word, a bit jellybags of the power the wind has. I remember thinking even then, that the wind should have reminded the sun of what he was capable of.

When I realised I had a Summer moving-in date for the shop, I was properly excited; like, dead giddy. I imagined the huge shop window haemorrhaging heat, completing the happy, warm look (and feel) I was aiming for with my shop. In my head, it was going to be those childhood summers; long, scorching, eternal. The streets would be littered with laughter and joy, folk buying stuff for kids and kitties; carefree.

Quick! Quick! The Rain

I was wrong…  I don’t mean to exaggerate the length of our summer, but it lasted approximately 4 hours (OK, I’m rounding up). And when the sun wasn’t shining – which was more often than not – then it was raining. I have already praised the rain in a previous blog (no, really, well done rain :|fabulous work), but I think seeing as this August has been the wettest August we’ve ever had, ever (I’m not sure if that’s meteorologically true, so don’t check…), I thought it warranted another mention.

It’s that first droplet of water that acts like an air raid – warning everyone to run for shelter and run to safety.  “Quick! Quick (boys)! An ecstasy of fumbling…” all desperately trying to get away from the unrelenting rain, waiting for this weather-war to halt, at least temporarily. That first raindrop is the one everyone dreads, because we all know what’s about to be unleashed. Miserable, moan-y weather.

I would definitely say the wind was stronger than the sun. Teamed up with the rain, it is an unshakeable force. The rain, in fact, I would say is the most powerful. If there was a challenge I would set all three, it would be ‘Who can clear the streets the quickest…?’ The rain would win hands down.


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