FurCats – A Shop. For Cats Day 22


The Power of the Rain

It’s a Wednesday.  It’s wet.  We’re in Manchester – so it all makes sense really.  Rain is very powerful – I haven’t always acknowledged its superiority.  As a teacher, there was often a spate of fire alarms going off – inevitably accompanied by the rain.  The rain would ensue screeching girls – and boys – petrified of the after-effects of getting ‘a bit wet.’  Horrified, that the rain would unleash frizz-galore-4-eva and a miserable dampness that would only dry out once out of the sodden clothes, at home; it bought a whole new wave of terror to our kids.  And kids behaved differently when it had been raining (throw a bit of wind into the equation (and a full moon, God, please not a full moon) and you’re in for a teaching-treat of shouting/ talking to yourself, for the rest of the day)! Some might say Zombie days.

Well, the rain has a similar effect on most grown-ups.  However, rather than facing the rain; being forced out of the classroom, because teacher-said-so, they can choose.  And most choose to stay indoors – because they can!  Just like our cats.  So, that clearly has an impact on the little shops where I am, like I am.

As Manchester slowly casts off the damp, sodden clothes, aided by a reluctant sun, life is breathed back into this strip of shops and eateries in Chorlton.  It gets busier and feels happier – not just because I feel happier, but because the sun begins to peep into people’s conversations; perks them up a bit and their general energy feels more positive.


Unshakable Sunflowers


Days are unpredictable, in terms of busyness. According to other shops – it’s just so.  No reason, just so. Rain or shine, term time or not, weekend or not…  So far, in my less-than-a-month-experience, there doesn’t seem to be a set pattern. Regardless, the shopkeepers are as unshakable as the sunflowers – we’ll stay stood up and wait for the rain to pass.

But what is certain, is that rain follows sun, which encourages those with an aversion to rain, to venture out and about and explore again.  (Until it falls again. Inevitably).


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