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Tian’s Tail

FurMum, Me and My Sisters

Flicking through some old pics of when I could fit into the palm of your hand, seems like a life that happened to someone else.

I had a tough start back then. My FurMum was a stray who wandered into a Garage, 9 weeks pregnant with me and my two sisters. Jo and Matt, the owners (thank you) took FurMum in – but then she disappeared again to have us. Matt went out, determined to find us in the deep dark woods, armed with a torch and oodles of blankets and treats. We were rescued and brought back to the Garage. FurMum – or CC (CompanyCat) as she was then named – stayed there and lived out her final days as Queen-of-the-Garage. This was until CarMonster took her away – and now she’s Queen-of-another.  Up there somewhere, on the other side of the rainbow. My HuMum tells me she fell in love with me. Instantly. She tells me that’s my special power – I can make people fall in love with me and helps make them feel all warm and colourful inside. There are lots of other cats where I am – and I hate to break it to her – but I think that’s a special power that all cats possess – not just me!

HuMum tells me I arrived at a very important time, when lots of things were coloured in different shades of blue. Apparently, I added colour to things and gave things a bit more of a sparkle; a bit more of a shine. I know that to be something all us cats are good at. So, when people come to visit me (sometimes they even come to visit my HuMum) – they too take a little bit of colour and shine away with them. I’m assuming that cats everywhere are doing the same 🙂 and our HuMums and HuDads are desperately wanting us to continue colouring things in for them and making things look brighter. And, as a kind of ‘thank you’ I get lots of food that’s really good for me as well as fabulous things to play with. It’s a win-win situ! Here’s the deal…

I know our HuMums and HuDads want us to eat well and play lots so that we continue to turn everything we touch, to colour. Apparently not all cat food is good for us – and we need to be very careful about what we put into our bodies (what with us being so important an’ all)!

Let them stroke us occasionally, perhaps lie on their chest for a bit, brush past them every once in a while and stare at them. A lot. This is ‘love’ apparently and its easy-peasy! Instant gratification, in the form of snack treats – as well as pretty much anything else we might want!

Our love, apparently, is the gift that just keeps on giving…